Swiss Citizenship by Investment

Switzerland are very preferred destination for ultra high net worth individuals because of the very high living costs and real estate prices.


Switzerland has no direct citizenship program but if you have residency or lived in Switzerland for atleast 12 years, it is possible to apply for citizenship through “naturalisation”. We assist high net worth clients to gain swiss residency and also we assist with real estate in Switzerland

Swiss Residence Program

Minimum Investment

Foreign investors qualify for  residence permit in Switzerland, upon paying a `annual lump sum taxation` fee – a minimum of CHF 250,000 per year, depending on swiss canton except Zurich.  

The swiss residence permit is offered to persons of various categories under retirement  wealthy individuals. Under the lump sum taxation, there is no need to declare worldwide income and assets. With the residence permit issued by Switzerland you can travel to other EU countries and stay there for 90 days in 6 month period.

No employment or working in Switzerland allowed under this program.

Foreign citizens who have a swiss residence permit, are allowed to buy real estate property such as apartment or a home, without any prior approvals in Switzerland.

Swiss Citizenship

After having lived 12 years in Switzerland, it is possible to apply for Swiss citizenship by naturalisation. The swiss does not impose restrictions on dual nationalities.

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