St Lucia Citizenship by Investment

St Lucia has launched new citizenship by investment program as of Jan 2016.  The following investment types qualify for St Lucia citizenship.

National Economic Fund

  • Applicant applying alone: US$100,000
  • Applicant applying with spouse: US$165,000
  • Applicant applying with spouse and up to two (2) other qualifying dependants: US$190,000
  • Each additional qualifying dependant, of any age: US$25,000

Approved Real Estate Project

Real estate investments qualify with minimum USD 300,000 invested in High-end branded hotels and resorts or boutique properties.

Government Bonds

Purchase of Government bonds with 5 year holding period.

  • Applicant applying alone: US$500,000
  • Applicant applying with spouse: US$535,000
  • Applicant applying with spouse and up to two (2) other qualifying dependants: US$550,000
  • Each additional qualifying dependant: US$25,000

Enterprise Projects

A minimum investment of  US$3,500,000 (sole) or US$ 6,000,000 (joint) with each applicant  share of no less than US$ 1,000,000

  1.  Specialty Restaurants
  2.  Cruise ports and marinas
  3.  Agro-processing plants
  4.  Pharmaceutical products
  5.  Ports, bridges, roads and highways
  6.  Research institutions and facilities
  7.  Offshore universities

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