Portugal Citizenship by Investment

Portugal is a full EU member country in Western Europe with affordable living costs. Portugal has introduced a very attractive real estate program to attract foreigners relocate to Europe with their family and children.


Portugal Golden Visa through Real Estate

To qualify for the Portugal Golden visa under “Golden Residence Permit”, an investment in real-estate of at least EUR 350,000 outside Lisbon and EUR 500,000 in Lisbon  Portugal must be made. Portugal Passport after 6 years of living.

The main advantage of this program is: The periods of mandatory stay in Portugal are 7 days on the first year and 14 days over the subsequent periods of 2 years. As long as the applicants do not stay more than 180 days per year in Portugal, no taxation applies (except a slight property tax).. We also can take care of property rentals, if you are out of the country.

The residence permit issued by Portugal allowed you to travel all schengen countries without any restrictions. After 6 years of residence it is possible to apply for Portual passport and citizenship!

We provide all services, which includes a full handholding process over the next 6 years until citizenship can be applied, hence we take care on renewal of the residence permits, mail, authorities etc.

We provide assistance in relocation, business immigration, real estate, residence and citizenship in Portugal.

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