Malta Citizenship by Investment

Malta has announced a new citizenship by investment program, referred to as Individual Investor Program (IIP), granting maltese passport to foreign investors. Malta is a full EU member country and a signatory of schengen agreement.

– Passport from a stable, neutral and highly respected EU member country
– Visa-free travel to more than 160 countries in the world
– EU citizenship gives right to live and work anywhere in Europe.
– Fast Processing time within 3-4 months.
Minimum Investment

Donation of EUR 650,000 to National Development and Socia Fund (NDSF)


Purchase a Real Estate worth EUR 350,000 and hold for atleast 5 years residency in Malta (or) Rent a housing for 5 years with atleast EUR 16,000/year


Invest in EUR 150,000 worth of Govt bonds.

Passport will only be issued after 12 months, provided the investor has resided in Malta for certain number of days and has proved genuine ties to Malta.

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