Hong Kong Citizenship by Investment

Hong Kong has not have direct citizenship program but indirectly investors can acquire HK citizenship through residency, after having received 7 years of permanent residence. Hong kong is a trade hub of the Asia and a tax haven with low corporate taxes.

Hong Kong Investor Program

Under this program, the minimum investment is HK$ 10 million through the investment vehicles such as Certificates of Deposit (CD), equities, securities or collective investment schemes approved by HK Immigration Department. Investment in real estate is not allowed under this scheme.

The investors will be granted residency for 2 years and thereafter renewals. Investors are entitled to bring their spouse and dependent children (under the age of 18) and significantly, the dependant spouse is entitled to work in Hong Kong. You must maintain the investment for the period of 7 years. After having lived in Hong kong for 7 years, the investors qualify for Permanent Residence.

Hong Kong does allow dual nationality/citizenship and you will have to renounce your other nationalities should you gain citizenship in HK.

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