France Citizenship by Investment

France is a great western European country with excellent standards of living. France has introduced an economic residency program for ultra high net worth entrepreneurs granting residency against a big investment.


France does not have a direct citizenship by investment program, the only way possible is through naturalization. The French Residence Permit Program allows foreign (non-Schengen) entrepreneurs to receive a 10-year economic residency permit  by making long-term, non-speculative investments in France.

Minimum Investment

To meet the criteria for receiving a French economic residency permit, the entrepreneur must:

Make a long-term and non-speculative investment of at least € 10 million in industrial or commercial assets in France; the investment may be personal or through a company in which he owns at least 30 % of the capital. The voting rights assigned to the person on the board of directors are used to evaluate whether the individual owns 30 % of a French or foreign company. If the company does not have a board of directors, the applicant must prove by any means that he owns at least 30 % of the company’s shares.


– Unrestricted access to the 127 Schengen area countries
– Attractive living conditions for non-EU citizens with rights equivalent to those of French citizens: unrestricted and free access to healthcare, education, etc.
– The economic residency permit is valid for 10 years
– The investor’s spouse and children automatically obtain a French visa with no additional investment
– The opportunity to obtain citizenship after 3 years of permanent residency in France.
– No requirements regarding prior residency, residency in France, language skills, or special professional experience
– A maximum processing time of 2 months to issue the residency permit
– A hand-holding process for the client; our partners operate as a family office and take care of all aspects of the application
– The investment can be made alone, with friends or partners in “customised” investments, or as part of a pre-selected investment programme chosen and validated by the corresponding prefecture.

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