FAQs Citizenship-by-Investment

What is Citizenship-by-investment (CBI) ?

Citizenship-by-investment refers to acquiring citizenship and passport in a third country by investing significant sum of money legally with permission from the Government.

  • Direct citizenship by investment => Direct citizenship and passport without any residency requirements.
  • Indirect citizenship by investment => Acquire citizenship and passport through residency and later naturalisation

What is a second passport?

A second passport is your alternate passport issued by a third country. It works like a backup insurance that guarantees you safety  and flee to another country in times of desperate situations like wars, natural disasters, political crisis. It gives you extensive travel freedom taking advantage of visa waiver agreements between countries. For example, if you have St.Kitts and Nevis passport, you can travel to Canada, UK, Europe without applying for visa.

What is naturalisation?

Naturalisation means you live certain number of years (residency) in a third country to become a citizen.

What are the qualifying requirements for CBI?

  • No criminal record
  • Pass due diligence tests
  • Sound financial record and surplus funds to support living
  • Clean medical record

What is dual nationality (or) double citizenship?

A person holding citizenship and passport issued by more than 1 country. For example USA, UK, Switzerland place no restrictions on holding nationalities. While some countries such as Singapore, Saudi Arabia forbid more than one nationalities.


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