Belgium Citizenship by Investment

Belgium is a `financial` capital of europe and European parliament headquarters in Brussels.  Belgium is a very business friendly country and sometimes can be used as a tax haven.


Belgium does not have a direct citizenship by investment program, but has indirect and cheaper route compared to Austria. You  will receive Belgian citizenship and passport after 5 years. You can launch your citizenship application after 3 yrs of stay in Belgium but all in all it takes 5 years to receive your passport and citizenship.

The biggest advantage of Belgium for a  business investor, you dont even need to stay in Belgium as no minimum days need to be spent in Belgium. Infact by living outside Belgium, the days count towards your citizenship, citing business travel. You must have rented/own housing and to pay the bills.
  • Belgium offers indirect way for citizenship through investment.
  • Belgium is a great country to live and for business.
  • Tax friendly country.
  • No limitations on minimum stay a year.
  • Apply for citizenship after 3 yrs of residence in Belgium.
  • No restrictions on dual citizenship.
  • Travel freedom to other EU countries.

Belgium Residency Program (BRP)

We expect from our our clients a minimum investment of € 300,000 at disposal with the client. We can arrange meetings in UAE, Zurich, London.

pdficon Fee schedule for Belgium (pdf)

How it works?

You will need to form a new company in Belgium with office and offer jobs in Belgium. Based on your business, you will be given a temporary residence permit with yearly renewals. With the residence permit issued by Belgium, you can travel to all EU schengen countries and stay maximum 90 days in 6 month period.

Belgium Citizenship

After 3 years of residency you can apply for citizenship and usually after 5 years you will receive citizenship and passport. Belgium has no restrictions on dual citizenship.

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